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Description du produit

The Essential Oil Rollerball Collection contains a specially-formulated blend for every occasion. Each unique rollerball blend, created for topical use is made with care, using only essential oils mixed in a base of luxurious and skin nourishing Jojoba Oil. Signature Bliss – The sweet warmth of cinnamon and clove are exemplified in this nurturing rollerball blend. Signature Bliss boosts immunity and confidence while soothing tension and exhaustion.Signature Chi – This gentle woodsy aroma possesses spicy undertones, which stimulates the mind and energizes the spirit. This vivacious blend also helps soothe headaches, and relieve respiratory congestion. Signature Cleanse – A fruity aroma that uplifts and cleanses the soul. This blend helps increase circulation, and detoxify the body while keeping you grounded. Signature Om – Inhale the bold herbal essence of Signature Om and release all worry and stress. This blend helps strengthen and brings clarity to the mind as it combats depression. Signature Relief – The clean, minty fragrance of Signature Relief does just as its name implies. This rollerball blend helps increase circulation and aids in reducing inflammation and pain to joints and muscles.Signature Serene – Calm your mind and unwind with the sweet and airy aroma of Signature Serene. This blend uplifts the mind and balances the body while it promotes better sleep and happinesSignature Solace – The sweet and spicy aromas of Signature Solace supports weight loss efforts because it helps control hunger as it detoxifies. It also helps reduce pain, and helps prevent unhealthy food urges. Signature Zen – Relax your body and elevate your mind with soothing Signature Zen. Its delicious aroma helps to reduce fear and anxiety while balancing all body systems.