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THE WET SMELL AFTER A TROPICAL STORMEau Tropicale by Sisley is a 'Eau de Toilette' for women included in the chypre floral family. It is a perfume that emulates the exotic and tropical aromas that come from the jungle, the sensation of humidity that it transmits to us and an incredible escape to a faraway and totally unknown place, that invites us to live new adventures opening the doors to its leafy heart.This fragrance was launched in 2014 by the perfumer Isabelle d'Ornano, with it, a strong expectation was created, since the event was known, but nothing was known about the perfume that was going to be presented. A surprising celebration, thanks to the meticulous recreation of a wild atmosphere. There, in the center of the big city, an intense tropical storm was taking place, with its fauna, flora and essences, and right in the center of the storm, our fragrance, wrapped in warm colors and a beautiful and colorful hummingbird, was sheltered under leafy plants.Its olfactory pyramid begins with an explosion of freshness, captained by bergamot and tropical fruits, different, original and vital aromas that open the way to a heart created by a bouquet of violet, Turkish rose and nards, recreating the longed-for atmosphere of light and sunshine after the storm. Finally, woody and sensual aromas close this adventure through the jungle.SUMMER SCENT. This perfume is an ideal scent for the hottest moments. Its freshness and exoticism will create a halo of well-being and optimism around us.SENSORY JOURNEY. Eau Tropicale starts us on a journey through the senses, with which we can enjoy a beautiful route through forests and jungles, and that allows us to escape from the hustle and bustle of the big city. A moment to meet ourselves and enjoy the little details that make the difference.ARTISTIC WORK. This fragrance combines art and sensations. Its bottle follows the same characteristic lines as all of Sisley's fragrances, it was designed by Polish artist Krystyna Radziwill, who perfectly captured her time in Nigeria, choosing warm and exotic colors. The sculptor Bronislaw Kryzystof has once again been chosen to make the stopper, this time symbolising some leaves.