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Bio Saffron is the stigma of saffron (Crocus sativus) Family Iridaceae, powder. How it works: Saffron contributes to decreased calorie intake by blocking the digestion of dietary fat through inhibition of pancreatic lipase. Acts as an antioxidant in suppressing inflammatory cytokines and adipocyte differentiation. Promotes satiety due to the increase in the level of neurotransmitters or hormonal functions, reducing food intake. Increases the metabolism of fats and sugars. The active ingredient, crocin, is an antioxidant and protector of cardiovascular disease. Also, crocin and safranal, two major components of saffron inhibit reuptake of dopamine, norepinephrine and serotonin, which contributes to their emotional effect of improving mood and anxiety. What it does: Reduces food cravings Decreases sugar cravings and hunger between meals. Decreases compulsive snacking and helps in steady weight loss. It provides a feeling of being so it helps to improve mood. Antioxidant, protector of cardiovascular disease. To that should be taken: • As an adjunct in weight control diets. As an adjunct to emotional anxiety.