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A SENSORY ESCAPE INTO THE WARMTH OF THE SUNLe Femme Prada by Prada is an 'Eau de Parfum' belonging to the oriental floral family. This perfume is intended for all types of women, without excluding any of them for their tastes, social status or beliefs. It is the essence of every woman, a feminine, sensual and mysterious aroma, with a touch of sweetness and sensitivity.This fragrance was launched in 2016 by the perfumer Daniel Andrier. This one, with its companion in masculine version, has two fragrances that complement each other perfectly and balance excellently, since without one there could not be the other. Complementary perfumes, totally interchangeable, a fragrance of two, to share and enjoy in company.Its wake, begins with intensity and originality, a magnificent fusion of spices and beeswax, creates a unique contrast, full of fixation, embraces our skin, creating a velvety mantle, which is responsible for receiving your heart, completely floral, created by a bouquet of frangipani, nards, iris and ylang-ylang, enhances its femininity, which is quickly harmonized, thanks to its background, as it has a more manly tone, by the presence of vetiver, combined with flashes of sweet vanilla. An aroma without limits or restrictions.AWAY FROM TRENDS. Prada decided to mark a turning point with these creations and launch a fragrance that flew away from the trends. For this reason, he decided to avoid the classic floral aromas, and to mark his own style, with more intense and unconventional elements.MULTIPLE IDENTITIES. For its advertising, the firm did not want to put a single face on its perfume, but chose several unknown people with totally different features to convey its initial message: The Femme Prada is a perfume for all women around the world, without exception.CLASSICAL TONE. Its bottle adopts the classic tone that characterizes the firm. Classicism and elegance come together to give life to a golden and shiny container, like the star king, the Sun, an element that Prada took as a source of inspiration for this creation.