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Description du produit

AN INDISPENSABLE PERFUME-JEWEL ON OUR BOUDOIR Tous is a feminine “Eau de Parfum” named after the brand of jewellery that bears the name, and which has predominantly floral notes. The world of fine jewellery wanted brand name brand to capture its taste for elegance in this creation, designed for simple and classic women. It was launched in 2002 and created by Stephanie de Saint-Aignan, who perfectly matched sets of different flowers, and finished with a modest bottle topped by the iconic bear presiding the brand . Its main top notes we can distinguish red leaves gooseberrand and rosewood from Brazil, which fuse with the heart notes such as rose, peony, gardenia and orange blossom, fully floral and feminine giving way to white musk, Moroccan cedar and iris; base notes with certain nuances woody. DELICATE AND FEMININE. Tous is a fragrance that detonates femininity and equally discretion, you squander purity and tranquillity through every pore of your skin. FASHION ACCESSORY. We know how successful this famous brand is in the world of fine jewellery, so we cannot let this gem go unnoticed in the world of selective perfumery.WARM AND PURE. It is the perfect choice for the everyday life of a working woman, to go to the office, or for a leisureland evening stroll. It can be used during any season.