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Description du produit

Burns accumulated fat Total definition More Strength More Energy Be Fit Be EU WHAT IS L-CARNI 3000 ÉVOLUTION Check out the benefits that L-CARNI 3000 ÉVOLUTION has to offer you: Fat loss: Helps the transportation of accumulated fat into mitochondria where it’s burned and transformed into energy. Besides burning fat, it also helps in providing more energy during training, diminishes fatigue and suppresses appetite. Lean mass gain: Besides avoiding fat accumulation during the process of lean mass gain, L-CARNI 3000 ÉVOLUTION increases your strength. And more strength means more weight means more muscle mass

Health benefits in general: avoids the accentuated loss of bone mass, helps in several heart diseases, enhances the immune system due to its action as a potent anti-oxidant. Are you Evolving and adding L-CARNI 3000 ÉVOLUTION to your supplement arsenal? You can do it

WHO IS IT FOR? L-CARNI 3000 ÉVOLUTION can be taken by sportsmen of any activity to increase their energy and strength. For those who want to lose weight, L-CARNI 3000 ÉVOLUTION is vital

For those who want to gain quality lean mass, L-CARNI 3000 ÉVOLUTION is the smart choice

RECOMMENDED USAGE How to use: Take 1 dosage and a half ( 22.5 ml) 30 minutes before exercise.