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A SPICY AND FUNNY EXPLOSIONMoschino Forever is a 'Eau de Toilette' for men included on the aromatic Fougère family. In it, the ironic and amusing tone so characteristic of the firm is maintained, which on this occasion takes its inspiration from elegant and classic costumes and reinterprets them under the extravagant Moschino vision.This fragrance was launched in 2011 by perfumer Nathalie Lorson. An original creation, spicy and playful, that denotes elegance while at the same time being casual, an aroma for day and night, for formal events and informal outings, an essence that balances the unbalanced, based on irony and fun, without leaving aside the Italian elegance.Its olfactory pyramid begins with a very pleasant combination of sweetness and citric acidity, thanks to the combination of bergamot, kumquat and star anise. Afterwards, a spicy and intense tone created by spices contrasts perfectly with the initial sweetness. Finally, its background is composed of woody and very manly notes.YOUNG AND DARING AUDIENCE. Moschino Forever is aimed at a young and modern audience. Spontaneous and urban children in search of a scent with which to differentiate themselves from the rest, in order to create their identity symbol.THE PEPPER. This fragrance is difficult to classify as it cannot be described as fresh or intense, since the adjective that best suits it is `spicy', due to the strong presence of pepper, which, far from being a sensual or seductive fragrance, gives it a very amusing sexy tone.EXTRAVAGANT BOTTLE. Its bottle follows very classic lines, carved on glass and taking on a square shape, until we look up and find a striking metal cap, on which we can see the word Moschino carved in large dimensions.